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Queenie O'Neal, accountant, Аge 56


I've been overweight since the age of 10. Even now I remember how other kids used to laugh at me because of my excess fat and through how many depressions I've been because of that. I tried to loose weight many times, but it was all very difficult for me. I couldn't do sport too much, because I'd exhausted very quickly and diets did not result in anything spectacular – 5-8 pounds a month for sitting just on vegs and water. 

I've also tried some medical options – all kinds of teas and pills, but the only thing they gave me is digesting problems, I wouldn't recommend that to anyone. 

I peaked with 275 pounds and gave up any attempts on losing weight. I was desperate, but then I met my future husband, who made me understand that what really matters is inside me. He didn't care how I looked, he really liked my personality, and nowadays I am a proud mother of two daughters and a grandmother two times by now. 

However, the age really reminds about itself, for quite a while I've been experiencing overweight-related health issues, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. I really wanted to live, so I started to search for solutions. All treatments offered to me required losing weight surgically, but due to such excess amount it was quite risky. One of my doctors advised me to look up stem cells therapy, as a far less risky option, and I was really inspired when I found out how safe it is. I've picked Swiss Medica over other clinics due to its feedbacks, and I was not disappointed! Stem cells, combined with a soft diet and little sports resulted in loosing 55 pounds after three months, I'm finally able to start my diabetes and blood pressure treatment, I feel younger and much healthier – it's a modern miracle preformed by genius scientists and doctors. This is our future and everyone should use it to prolong their life!