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Mary Marsh, housewife, Age 67

Multiple Sclerosis

Seven years ago I was diagnosed with a terrible disease – Multiple Sclerosis. For the last years I thought I am literally dying. It felt like all my strengths are slowly abandoning me. With every day I was able to do less and less things – could walk less, carry less, even stay awake less than ever before. I was ready to pass away, and I though nothing can save me, after a heart attack last year, I thought I am doomed. What is more, I really started to forget simple things which was driving me mad.

My husband suggested we should give a shot to stem cells technology six months ago. A doctor at Swiss Medica promised an improvement and said that it is completely harmless. He said that they would extract stem cells from my marrow, grow some more based on them, so they can match me, and then inject the new stem cells into my veins. 

I didn't have to stay at the hospital after procedures and they were almost painless, I did not require hospitalization. After few procedures I've already felt some improvement, and now, since the risk of heart attack is significantly reduced, I can sincerely thank everybody, who made it possible that now I can pick up my grandchildren.