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Liudmila Krylova, actress, Age 41

Anti-aging treatment

Sex is what me and my husband enjoyed for all fifteen years of our marriage. Unfortunately, after breaking into my forties, I realized I don't want it that much anymore. First, I thought it's psychological, so I started seeing psychologist. She was the one who explained me that reduced libido is one of the signs of me getting old, but I couldn't accept it. Then she suggested anti-aging stem cells therapy as a solution, so I started researching it. Suddenly, I found out that many women experience the same problems around this age and some of them, after being treated with stem cells, completely recovered their libido and continue enjoying their sexual life. 

I did not hesitate long and appointed a virtual meeting with a specialist in Swiss Medica, which was suggested as a most successful and innovative clinic. The doctor guided me through the process, the price was more than acceptable, so I went for it. 

Now, after the treatment, I feel myself like in my late twenties, it's just amazing! My husband and I are experiencing our second honeymoon, as now I am feeling renovated and willing to live my full life. Thank you, Swiss Medica!