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James Waiting, lawyer, age 57

Joints problems

I first heard about Swiss Medica from one of my clients about a year ago. We communicate a lot, so he was aware of my pain in joints. He suggested I should schedule an appointment in this clinic. First I was quite pessimistic about that, but then I thought – what do I lose if I just look it up? I browsed through the website, and I found it very convincible, so I took the next step – I wrote an email explaining my problem. I was a bit surprised with a rapid reply and how polite and professional the consultant was. 

I've been carried through the diagnostic process for couple of weeks and soon the doctors in Swiss Medica came out with a solution for my problem. They scheduled an individual course for me for a good price, so after a little while I took off to Switzerland. The service back there was amazing, they do know how to treat their clients. The treatment itself passed by really quickly, and soon enough I felt the relief – my pains disappeared. It's been 8 months since then now, and I'm feeling young and healthy. I strongly recommend everyone with similar problems to attend this clinic, you won't regret it!