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Christopher Snow, geologist, Аge 52

Reynaud’s disease

I consider myself a lucky man. I've worked as a geologist for my whole life, been to many expeditions and never had any major health issues until now. It all started with minor pain in tips of my fingers, but very soon it progressed into something far worse – my fingers looked more like blue sausages. I've been diagnosed with Reynaud’s disease, which is quite rare among men, so I can say that karma came back at me for my lucky life. Medical treatment of this particular disease is quite complicated, I was looking through all options and stem cell therapy seemed like the best option for me to start the treatment. 

Swiss Medica saved me from encountering the third, most terrifying stage of this illness, for what I am deeply thankful to them. This served as a sign for me, because, besides curing my disease, their treatment made me feel a lot younger, so I decided to retire and dedicate my life to what I truly like – in a short while I am taking a trip around the world and I am planning to write memoirs. Every time I go to sleep I look at my hands and I feel thankful to Swiss Medica for curing me. Thank you.