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Scars are the inevitable consequences of any open trauma or surgery. They remain for life, creating significant cosmetic and functional defects. People faced with this problem should know that the quality of most scars can be improved to some extent (especially with our new up-to-date methods). SwissMedica performs scarring mesenchymal stem cells treatment as well as ulcer diabetic foot mesenchymal stem cells treatment. Now you can get rid of those nasty formations.

Scars formation mechanism

Tissue damage.
Biologically active substance isolation.
Inflammation and fibroblasts (cells that produce collagen) attraction.
Collagen synthesis.
The formation of "young" scar.
The formation of normal pale and flat scar.

Scars types

Trophic. Appears the result of connective tissue reaction to injury.
Atrophic. Appears as the result of a reduced response of connective tissue to injury.
Hypertrophic. Appears as the result of excess connective tissue response to injury with the background of adverse healing conditions (inflammation, scar stretching).
Keloids. Appears as a perverse reaction to tissue injury due to reduction of total and tissue immunity.

Stem cells therapy for scarring allows complete scars elimination.  With the use of stem cell ulcer remains only just as a bad dream.

SwissMedica scarring mesenchymal stem cells treatment is nothing but a medicine revolution. Stem cell therapy for Scarring is the only technique that provides 100% result. Scarring and stem cell therapy are mutually exclusive synonyms for us.

SwissMedica medical service advantages

Effective stem cells therapy with the use of modern equipment and revolutionary methods.
100% safe stem cells scarring treatment with obvious results.

Qualified assistance at all stages of treatment and after it.
No oncological complications.
No need of general anesthesia
Small amount of sells for stem cells scarring treatment is required.

The therapy with the use of mesenchymal stem cells is extremely effective. Using of stem cell for scarring treatment is real chance for you to get the new life. Call us and you’ll get free consultation on all matters of the field.

Why the SwissMedica?

  • Effectively prevention of acute and chronic diseases.
  • Up-to-date equipment and technologies (RNA-based medications, cellular active factors, RNA-based medications).
  • Use of mesenchymal tissue cells excludes any rejection.
  • Absolute safety.
  • Our technology activates the reserves of the human body: it heals itself from its own hidden reserves.
  • Life source even for the "hopeless" patients, who share their histories.
  • 20 years of successful clinical experience in regeneration and restoration of the organism.
  • Everyday improvement of skills.
  • Use of patient's own mesenchymal stem cells.

We offer individually tailored program. Furthermore, the patients are under the follow-up for 6 months after the end of the therapy. It usually takes about 2–4 month to feel the result. Treatment is arranged in Luсerne (Switzerland), Belgrade (Serbia) and Moscow (Russia).

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