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Brain Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injury (SCI)

Most of the SCIs cause permanent disability of motor abilities (paralysis) and sensation loss. The majority of modern methods cannot effectively recover patients. But in SwissMedica spinal cord injury is effectively removed with the mesenchymal stem cells treatment.

Two fundamental spinal cord injury symptoms

Damage location. Upper spinal cord sections’ damage causes a strong paralysis.
Damage severity. SCI can be partial or complete, depending on the corresponding part of the spinal cord struck.

In case of partial SCI, cord can transmit some signals to the brain and vise versa. Therefore patients with partial damage have some sensitivity and motor functions below the under-affect area.

Complete SCI is accompanied by a complete or almost complete loss of sensation as well as motor function under the injured place. The term "complete" is used to describe a large area of SCI. This is important difference, because many patients with partial SCI can recover whereas patients with real full injury cannot.

SCI of any kind can leads to:

  • Pain or intense burning sensation caused by a lesion of the cord nerve fibers.
  • Movability loss.
  • Sensitivity loss.
  • Bowels and bladder control loss.
  • Excessive reflex activity or spasms.
  • Sexual function changes.
  • Labored breathing, cough or lungs cough secretions.

Critical symptoms

  • Periodic loss of consciousness.
  • Back pain.
  • Weakness, loss of coordination or partial paralysis.
  • Balance and walking difficulties.
  • Incorrect or distorted neck and back position.

SwissMedica ХХI century offers effective spinal cord injury treatment already confirmed by many successfully treated patients. Stem cells therapy for spinal cord injury provides the unique healing effect, unattainable by any other method. It's time for you to know more about stem cell therapy.

SCI types

Traumatic. Happens due to a sudden traumatic spinal shock which compresses, breaks or shifts one or more vertebrae.
Non-traumatic. Caused by blood vessel problems, arthritis, cancer, inflammation infection, degenerative spine disease.

Regardless of the type, SCI affects the nerve fibers and can disrupt the operation of part of or all relevant muscles and nerves located below the lesion.  Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury significantly increases chances to restore the affected nerve fibers.

After the injury you are probably overflow a lot of thoughts and emotions. You are concerned about the changes of your financial situation, your lifestyle and your personal plans and relationships. Grief and emotional stress are normal and usual for such a situation. However, if your grief predisposes you to abuse alcohol or drugs – it's time to ask for help. Spinal cord injury stem cell therapy will help you to get to get better. With the help of stem cell spinal cord injury often reduces and patients are able to back their lives Stem cells therapy has cured more than a dozen of patients and therefore will either help to you. Stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury is a new word in medicine.

Brain injury (BI)

It is brain structures damage, which occurs as a result of trauma. Injury process is followed by the formation of necrosis areas of various sizes. The brain damage characteristic feature is consciousness loss. Duration of unconscious state is directly dependent on the degree of tissue trauma. BI is often combined with closed fractures of the cranial bones (without damaging the surface tissues).

BI occurs in 20 - 25% of all cranial trauma cases. There are three severity degrees of BI - mild, moderate and severe. They depend upon the nature and size of the brain structures lesions. Most often this pathology leads to the frontal brain lobes injury. Stem cell therapy for brain injury with adult autologous stem cell as effective as mesenchymal stem cell therapy for spinal cord injury. Technology involves the use of patient own stem cells to avoid any kind of tissue rejection.

Brain Injury symptoms

Properly and promptly identifying the symptoms of BI are dictated by the fact that the consequences for the health and life can be very serious. A variety of pathological conditions – from cerebral edema up to multiple hemorrhages, inflammatory and destructive processes can be detected in the case of brain injury. The presence of certain symptoms depends on the severity of the brain injury. The faster and more accurate the character of damage is diagnosed, the greater are the chances for successful brain injury treatment.

What is the difference between a concussion and brain contusion?

Concussion is different from brain contusion by the lack of macro-structural damage (traumatic edema, hemorrhage and multiple crushing of brain tissue). Also concussion is not characterized by the presence of skull fractures.  Brain concussion is characterized by brief loss of consciousness (not more than a few minutes). Stem cells brain injury treatment is equally effective against concussion and brain contusion consequences.

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SwissMedica clinics: brain injury mesenchymal stem cells treatment

  • Stem cell therapy clinic has more than 20 years of successful clinical experience. Brain injury and stem cell therapy are two concepts that we do know the best.
  • Patients’ supporting long after the end of the treatment.
  • Up-to-date technologies and methods.
  • Full safety.
  • Absence of oncological complications.
  • Short term (2-4 months) to see the results of stem cell method applied to brain injury.
  • Using of organism hidden internal recourses.
  • Absence of side effects.
  • Absence of any allergic reactions.
  • No need of general anesthesia.

Our team of professionals provides high quality therapy by using the mesenchymal stem cells to change and restore the damaged ones. Do not waste time and call us if you need qualified help. Stem cells therapy for brain injury is what you need for recovering.

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