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Arthritis / Arthrosis / Osteochondrosis

First, is necessary to understood that Musculoskeletal and osteomuscular system is quite difficult system of the body. It includes not just bones, but also joints, ligaments, muscles and nerve structures. Nerves provide the support ability of the organism. Thankful to them human can move in general and move some part of own body, as well as organs.

You cannot treat pathology of musculoskeletal system with steroids and steroids anti-inflammatory drugs. However, just in those cases when you have just symptomatic. The patient will forgot about pain for some time. In addition, the joint would not get inflammation. The minus is that recovery of the affected cartilage tissue will not be affected.

Successful practice of SwissMedica clinic shows that stem cell injections for arthritis gives much better results. This method eliminate not just diseases in general, but also it cause and consequences.

By using stem cell therapy, scientists divided patients in two groups, based on diseases of musculoskeletal.

#1 is those illnesses, which can transform in changes of degenerative level. Will degenerate articular surface, cartilage and tissues that are around all of these. If we take in attention osteoarthrosis, process of degeneration can destruct at all the cartilage.  As a result, patient get sclerosis of mating surfaces of the bone. In the end strains, sprains and joint miss their function. However, it is possible to stop such scared development by using therapy by mesenchymal stem cells. Patient has 70-80% to recover.

#2 group is dedicated to arthritis. Stem cells therapy for arthritis gives the best results, known in medicine, in arthritis' treatment. Arthritis is a disease that mean inflammation of joints. It also goes to some infectious-allergic, traumatic consequences, can assume some traumas. The metabolic and reaction of patient is not at best level too. In this case, patient can lose joints; they destruct almost at all. Treatment of arthritis with stem cell therapy can stop the illness and life of patient for sure becomes much better and easier.  

What is stem cells? Adult autologous stem cells are those forms, which develop in usual cell. Any cell of any human body. They can transfer from own form to cells in tissues. So transforming function is the main. Stem cells are used in not only arthritis, arthrosis, Osteochondrosis. It is well known.

For using in stem cells for arthritis treatment, these pre-cells doctors take from bone marrow. When necessary stem cells are taken, they go to affected joint (if disease occur because in joint inflammation). The big plus is that patient can administrate stem cells at home, no need to stay in hospital.

The effect is that metabolism of infected area start to be normal. Stem cells improve trophism and joint tissues. They minimize inflammation, what improve joint mobility. You can use it as prevention from inflammation of joints. Thankful to stem cells therapy for arthrosis immunity became stronger and general causes of joint destruction are not so dangerous.

Stem cells make cartilage work in normal way. Therefore, it can regenerate. In addition, stem cells restore cartilage' structure. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy is ready to use. Moreover, in cases of joint treatment it must be used before destruction that doctors cannot stop.

Why the SwissMedica?

  • Effectively prevention of acute and chronic diseases.
  • Up-to-date equipment and technologies (RNA-based medications, cellular active factors, RNA-based medications).
  • Use of mesenchymal tissue cells excludes any rejection.
  • Absolute safety.
  • Our technology activates the reserves of the human body: it heals itself from its own hidden reserves.
  • Life source even for the "hopeless" patients, who share their histories.
  • 20 years of successful clinical experience in regeneration and restoration of the organism.
  • Everyday improvement of skills.
  • Use of patient's own mesenchymal stem cells.

We offer 3 and 12 days treatment programs (or individually tailored program). Furthermore, the patients are under the follow-up for 6 months after the end of the therapy. It usually takes about 2–4 month to feel the result. Treatment is arranged in Luсerne (Switzerland), Belgrade (Serbia) and Moscow (Russia).

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