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Alzheimer’s Disease Therapy

Alzheimer's disease is a disorder of the nervous system, which affects the neurons in certain brain areas. The patient has decreased level of memorization not only complex events, but fairly minor episodes. Most often the disease is diagnosed in individuals older than 65 years. At young people Alzheimer's disease spreads rarely.


Alzheimer's disease morphologically looks like cell death and atrophy of brain areas. As a consequence, the person violated cognitive functions, which often leads to death within a short period of time. The danger of this disease is that it is asymptomatic. Implicitly expressed symptoms such as forgetfulness and minor violations coordination. As the disease join confusion, aggression, disorders of speech. When the pathological process affects long-term memory, the patient can not navigate in space, does not remember your name and date of birth. Gradually the death of neurons goes to other organs, resulting in significant breach of their work.
According to statistics, the average life expectancy after diagnosis is on 7-14 years. This period depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.


Factors that affect the occurrence of the pathological process, is still not revealed. However, scientists believe that is strongly influenced by traumatic brain injury, exposure to toxins and disorders of the vascular system. This causes abnormal development of certain types of protein and disruption of neurons.

Methods of treatment of Alzheimer's disease

Modern treatment does not completely rid the patient of the disease and improves the condition of the patient. The person becomes less aggressive, improves memory, speech. The patient is able to maintain themselves and can talk with other people. In the clinic "SWISS MEDICA XXI century" is used in the treatment using stem cells. Doctors believe that this method has all the chances of further development.

The clinic applies the method of Stem Cell Therapy, which involves the introduction of native stromal cells of the patient. Cells stimulate tissue repair and improve the condition of the patient.
When using Stem Cell Therapy in the treatment of the patient there is no need for the donor. Cells are taken from the pancreas of the patient. From adipose tissue secrete material that has immunomodulating properties. This method protects the patient from infection and rejection. When using this technique, you can avoid the symptoms of allergies or other side effects.

The benefits of stem cell treatment
To use your own stromal cells is an innovative method for the treatment of several diseases in the clinic "SWISS MEDICA XXI century". The patient may not be infected at the time of cell injection. As the cells that are used in a fairly mature stage of development, there is no risk of cancer. There is also no risk of rejection or unexpected reactions.

The operation is performed without General anesthesia. For stem cell treatment doctor in advance takes away from the pancreas of a small number of cells, which are then grown in the laboratory. Transplant takes about 5 days.

Highly qualified specialists provide care for patients throughout the period of stay in the clinic, as well as provide the necessary medical care after the operation. Individual approach to each patient helps to achieve amazing results in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.


Why the SwissMedica?

  • Effectively prevention of acute and chronic diseases.
  • Up-to-date equipment and technologies (RNA-based medications, cellular active factors, RNA-based medications).
  • Use of mesenchymal tissue cells excludes any rejection.
  • Absolute safety.
  • Our technology activates the reserves of the human body: it heals itself from its own hidden reserves.
  • Life source even for the "hopeless" patients, who share their histories.
  • 20 years of successful clinical experience in regeneration and restoration of the organism.
  • Everyday improvement of skills.
  • Use of patient's own mesenchymal stem cells.

We offer 3 and 12 days treatment programs (or individually tailored program). Furthermore, the patients are under the follow-up for 6 months after the end of the therapy. It usually takes about 2–4 month to feel the result. Treatment is arranged in Luсerne (Switzerland), Belgrade (Serbia) and Moscow (Russia).

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