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Age-related skin changes (decreased tone, elasticity, wrinkles, pigmentation)


Anti Aging treatment

The aging process affects the entire body and generally characterized by decrease functions of individual organs and systems. Aging is a destructive process, leading to a decrease in physiological functions and their failure, limited adaptation abilities and death likelihood increase. The aging process is individual for each person, and its speed depends on genetic factors, gender, previous life mode, environmental, social and psychological factors and many other reasons. Aging develops under the influence of complex exogenous and endogenous factors. There is couple of theories and hypotheses about the development of degenerative processes that characterize aging.

Program theory is based on the recognition of the final number of cell divisions, which is programmed in genetic apparatus. Theory of errors accumulation suggests that under the influence of environmental factors the DNA damage occurs which tends to disruption of normal genetic program of the macromolecules biosynthesis, especially proteins. Wear-cell theory is based on the assumption that the environmental factors can cause degenerative changes in the accumulation of cellular components with the formation of cross-links between the macromolecules of proteins and damaged cell membranes and DNA. Understanding of the wear of cellular systems processes is supported by the fact that the maximum lifespan of the species is inversely related to the rate of metabolic processes (basal metabolic rate) and the length of time that is needed to reach reproductive maturity (for example, insects and shrews very high basal metabolic rate and short life expectancy).

The aging process is accompanied by stem cell loss. The younger you are the more stem cell you have. Stem cells therapy is removing of old «bad» patient own stem cells, activating them and back into the body. Healthy stems cells start to communicate with the whole set of cells and facilitate regeneration. We guarantee that you will have fully diagnostics before treatment and invariable assistance long after it. Full review of medical history and examination of current patients’ makes SwissMedica XXI mesenchymal stem cells treatment the bets in modern medicine.

Causes of premature aging

  • Unhealthy diet. Unbalanced diet, full of refined foods, "bad" cholesterol with huge amount of carbohydrate, low consumption of fruits and vegetables reduces a person's life for 6-10 years.
  • Overweight. If the weight exceeds the normal, every extra 4 kg consuming about a year of life. This inexorable statistics are based on huge numbers of serious diseases related to malnutrition and obesity.
  • Lack of exercise. Physical, respiratory and psychological exercises prolongs youth, fill person with energy and recharges vital energies. Age-appropriate and regular exercises can add 6-9 years of life. In addition to the exercises do not neglect the massage. For example, using the massage chair.
  • Stress. One year of unemployment and the associated stress can shorten a person's life for 5 years. Thus, trying to reduce the risk of premature aging it’s possible to improve your health, save the physical activity, the ability to self-service and a zest for life.
  • Indifference to health problems. Subject to annual medical examination, compliance with work, rest and hygienic rules may longer life for 2-4 years.
  • Smoking 2 or more packs of cigarettes per day deprive 8.3 years of life.
  • Alcoholism. Contributes to a variety of diseases, ranging from domestic injury to liver cirrhosis and mental problems. Alcoholism is younger and now includes women and children.

You definitely need to know about stem cell therapy as it gives incredible results. Anti - Aging and stem cell therapy in SwissMedica ХХI century replenish the supply of stems into the body and thus rejuvenate skin and organs, increase collagen and provide a younger looking skin.

Aging process

While in childhood and adolescence during the period of growth the anabolic and regeneration dominates, in old age the process become opposite (named as catabolism), which means an increase of degenerative changes in organs and tissues and violation of their functions. The aging process is accompanied by a number of morphological and functional changes in the body that affect the processes of perception and food assimilation, and also suggest changes in the demand for nutrients and energy.

Changes caused by aging:

  • Taste and smell reduction.
  • A lot of bad teeth and teeth loss.
  • Inflammatory processes in the mucosa of the oral cavity.
  • Decreased saliva secretion.
  • Decreased taste sensation caused by drugs.
  • Reduced secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach, which affects the absorption of calcium and vitamin B12.
  • Insensitivity to thirst.
  • Reduced kidney function, affecting the excretion of drugs and maintaining of a normal water-salt metabolism.
  • Reduced effectiveness of the immune system.

Stem cell therapy for Anti – Aging: the results:

  • Degenerative disease reduction.
  • Reduction of joints stiffness.
  • Mental, emotional and energetic improvements.
  • Age spots reduction.
  • Fewer wrinkles.
  • Back and neck pain reduction.
  • Tiredness and fatique reduction.
  • Younger appearance.

Stem cell Anti – Aging system really works: we have hundreds of satisfied patients who never though that such result is possible at all.

Some other benefits which you will get with mesenchymal stem cell therapy:

Triglyceride as well as creatinin level decrease.
Kidney function recovery.
Blood Sugar level decrease.
Neuropathy treatment.
Itchy skin loss.
Improved capacity for physical activities.
Feeling of vitality and rejuvenation.
Strong libido.

After therapy with mesenchymal stem cells patients feel much younger, as it restores metabolic processes and improve skin quality. Treatment connected with receiving of more than 200 billion of adult autologous stem cells that is around trillion plain cells. The unique technology allows to restore the number of cell lost during last 15-20 years.

Why SwissMedica is the best stem cell therapy clinic?

  • The most effective technology of stem cells therapy for Anti – Aging ever known.
  • Full safety.
  • No side effects.
  • No risk of transmissible diseases.
  • Possibility to inject the stem cells to the patients’ body at once without preliminary growing on substances.
  • Results after a couple of month (that time is needed for cell growing).
  • Long term assistance of highly qualified professionals.
  • Personalized approach
  • Top standards of treatment.

SwissMedica provides quality stem cells anti-aging treatment, which has improved living conditions of many patients.

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